Flower Care Instructions - Keep Them Living

Ensure you check the flowers every day
Water: To ensure the health and Longevity of the flowers that your loved ones or friends received, first of all, it's extremely important that they check their flowers everyday. They need to check their flowers to ensure that if they were put in a vase that it has enough water in it. The water level should be approximately 5 cm above the point where the stems are cut.
The water should be changed every two days and when you were changing the water you should also rinse the vase out with hot soapy water.
Flower food: When your flowers arrive they will usually arrive with a small packet of flower food, the flower food usually contains a mixture of both a sugar type substance and chemicals.
When you change the water please ensure that you add half a packet of this flower to each time.
If you don't have any flower food left you can add things like a teaspoon of lemonade or a teaspoon of sugar to the water. This is a really simple way to extend the life of the flowers you received.
Cut those stems: Another you can extend the life of your flowers is to trim the stems of the flowers every 2 days. You can do this either by using a very sharp pair of scissors or a very sharp knife, it's advice to be very cautious when doing this especially with the knife. It may be easier to take the stems together just above where you are going to cut them before actually cutting them. The car of the should coincide with the changing of the water.
Sunlight: Flowers generally do not like direct sunlight, they also happen to like temperatures ranging from around 17 to 22 degrees Celsius. So when you receive your flower delivery you should ensure that they have placed in a cool spot in the home outside of direct sunlight. This is one of the simplest ways to keep your flowers bright and happy.
Fresh food: This may sound unbelievable but there is a particular gas that is released by the decay process of food like fresh fruit that flowers absorb, if they are nearby, that can have a detrimental effect on the blooming rate of flowers flowers. Therefore, when you get your flowers home please ensure that they are stored or placed as far away fresh food as possible.This will also dramatically increase the likelihood of your flowers lasting longer.