Our Terms & Conditions Page

Here we would like to present you our terms and conditions page. It has been designed by us to give our customers a clear line in the sand as to where they stand and where we stand on issues to do with things like flower delivery and delivery times for example. Much of this information can be found on our frequently asked questions page so you are welcome to visit that also.
We will keep it rather brief as we don't want to get too bogged down and make this page too confusing for our customers.
Darwin Florist Shop maintains a very high level of products that come out about store, we are proud of what we make and proud of what we do.
We offer a same day flower delivery service to all the suburbs in town, and also the CBD, each order that we send out of the store requires you to pay a $12 courier fee. We have to charge this because it costs are so much money to get flowers to friends and loved ones that you order. In fact, sometimes it costs far more than $12 but in those rare cases we are happy to subsidise that for you.
Whilst we do offer a same day flower delivery service we cannot and do not guarantee delivery times, this is usually because of variables that are out of our control like the weather, and traffic that may be in and about town.
If you order flowers for a same day delivery going to a private home address they may be delivered anytime from one hour after you order the flowers up until 7 p.m. that night. If you are ordering flowers going to a business they may be delivered from within 1 hour of you ordering the flowers up until approximately 5 p.m. the day you want them delivered.
Of course, these delivery times and are only an indicator and may vary, particularly during peak times like with Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and the Christmas period. During these extraordinarily busy times delivery times may vary significantly to what is advertised.
If you happen to order flowers going to and out of town rural address we cannot guarantee that the flowers will be delivered and we certainly cannot guarantee a delivery time. If for some reason we are unable to deliver the flowers to the address you nominate we will call you to discuss options. Although we must say it's very rare that we cannot deliver two random locations like this.
We do deliver flowers same day to, like we said, business addresses that includes shopping centres and the likes of post offices in town.
Although it seems weird we have to say this but from time to time, maybe a couple of times a year, we do get requests to send flowers to P O Box is or even Locked Bag addresses. Let's make it very clear, we do not deliver to these locations.
If you are under the age of 18 you must be in the presence of an adult when ordering flowers. If you are under the age of 18 you cannot order flowers with alcohol.
If alcohol is ordered as a gift with flowers it's most likely that the person receiving the flowers will get asked for identification by our courier driver, we reserve the right to do this due to our legal obligations.
If you order flowers after 12 p.m. and they happened to be for a same day delivery, we cannot deliver them for you, they will be delivered as soon as possible the next day. If you order flowers after 10:30 a.m. on a Saturday your flowers will be delivered after 9 a.m. on Monday as soon as we can. We do not deliver flowers on a Sunday except Mother's Day Sunday.
We will only deliver your flowers provided that you provide all the correct delivery details of the person the flowers are going to. If you provide incorrect details and we go to deliver the flowers, we will return the flowers to the store and contact you, and you will be charged another delivery fee of $12 to get the flowers back out.
If we go to deliver the flowers and nobody is home we will do our best to leave the flowers in a safe spot. the place we usually leave the flowers is close to the front door as safely possible so that when the recipient arrives home they will easily be able to see them. If we cannot find a safe place to leave the flowers we will return them to the shop, but before we do that we will call the recipient to see if they are close enough to being home.
We will not deliver flowers to a home that has some type of crazy dog in the front yard, the risks are just too great for our friendly drivers, in this case the flowers will be returned to the store so that we can organise something else.
Due to the weather conditions here we strongly advise that you order flowers in an arrangement, or if you're going to order flowers in a bunch to please add a vase.
If you order flowers going to an apartment block in town you must ensure that you provide us with the correct address details and the correct mobile phone number of the reception of the flowers. If we push the button to the apartment and the person isn't home, and they do not answer their phone, we cannot leave the flowers to security reasons. We will return the flowers to the shop and organise another delivery, however you may be charged an extra $12 for delivery, but we will not do this until we have spoken to you.
If you are ordering online or over the phone you can pay with a Visa card, Mastercard, American Express card, and you can pay by PayPal. All payments online require you to pay merchant fees - Visa and MasterCard we charge 1%, American Express we charge 3% and PayPal we charge 1.5% per transaction. If you order over the phone you will not be charged any credit card fees.
From time to time there may be occurrences where the flowers that the recipient receives are not up to your expectations. If you feel that a flower order hasn't met your expectations you must take two pictures of the flowers and email the pictures to us within 24 hours of the flowers arriving. Once we receive the photographs we will assess as to whether or not there has been an issue and will ring you to discuss it. If we receive the pictures after this period there is nothing we can do about the flowers.
If you feel that your issue isn't covered in the above terms and conditions text please give us a call and we would be happy to discuss it with you.