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Popular FAQ
What is a posy of flowers?
A Posy of flowers is like a bunch of flowers but far smaller, it can sometimes be referred to as a small bouquet.
Historically speaking flowers like this have been given has gifts for birthdays and often had very specific and symbolic meanings. For example, if a Posy of flowers was given for a birthday and contained a pink rose this was symbolic of a woman having a certain level of grace or sophistication.
Most flower posies are often teachers as small bouquets, and most are professionally tied with ribbon that reflects the colour of the flowers, and are often occasions specific. They are very popular for weddings as they can be pinned to a grooms suit, or pinned to a Brides dress.
Flower posies are also popular as wedding decorations. They are especially popular as decorations on dinner tables at weddings comma or what we referred to as centerpieces. They have a way of really lifting the colour and vibrancy of a wedding call or a wedding event.
What are flower arrangements?
Flower arrangements flowers that are lovingly arranged in a specialised box. The box is used as a pseudo vase.
The benefits of a flower arrangement that when the flowers arrive a vase isn't required. This means that the recipient of your flowers doesn't either need to buy one, or need to run around the house trying to find one.
Arrangements are very popular in here due to the weather.
I have  a voucher code, how do I redeem it?
It's super easy, when you get to the checkout page simply go to the right hand side of the page where you see the product, and enter the voucher code into the vacant box, then hit redeem and the total for the flower will automatically change to reflect the voucher code.
I made a mistake on my flower order, freaking out, what can I do?
No need to stress there is a simple fix to this situation. The best course of action would be to give us a call and we will to the bottom of it for you. However,  it is really important that you call us within 1 hour of you placing the order so that we can fix the mistake before the order gets out with our delivery driver.
Can I get a tax invoice?
Actually to place your order online you will automatically receive a tax invoice. However, if you place an order over the phone you will need to request one with us. You can do that during the process of giving your flower order to us, or you can request it later on down the track, either way we will be happy to help.
Do you deliver to Darwin Private Hospital?
We do indeed deliver twice daily to the hospital. Make sure you let us know what we in and what bed number the reception is in. We also advised that you order an arrangement of flowers because the hospital never has any viruses, and we mean never ever. If you order flowers in a bunch they will sit next to the bed without any water which will inhibit the length of time that the flowers will be able to survive.
Do you deliver same day?
Yes, we deliver same day, and you would be surprised how often we get asked this question. so long as you get your flower order into us by round about 2 p.m. we guarantee a same day delivery. If you order after 2 p.m. we will get the flowers out to the recipient just as soon as we can the following day. If you wanna on a Saturday and you don't get your order to us before 12:30 p.m. we will get your flowers out the recipient as soon as possible Monday morning.
How much do you charge for delivery?
We charge a standard $12 delivery fee to any location in the CBD or outer suburb areas.